At ACT Dyslexia Solutions we use data to inform practice. Our comprehensive dyslexia assessments are the gateway to consultation and tutoring services. Most evaluators have never taught a child to read, particularly a child facing challenges. At ACT-Dyslexia Solutions, our extensive experience in teaching children to read enables us to interpret results from our  intelligence, achievement, and diagnostic reading and writing assessments, providing recommendations that others cannot. Teaching reading is a complex science, and we are here to guide parents and educators towards the best possible plan for the child, whether through an IEP,  504 or our private tutoring. 

Assessments can be formal leading to a diagnosis or informal to establish instructional goals. Complete our parent questionnaire and we will guide you in choosing what is best for you and your needs. 

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Our Formal Psychological Assessment
leads to diagnosis

Our dyslexia assessments take into  account the whole child including ADHD, Anxiety and Depression which often occur together with ongoing reading failure.

Leads to diagnosis/identification of 

  • dyslexia, specific learning disability in basic reading skills and/or reading fluency
  • dysgraphia, specific learning disability in written expression
  • Screening for ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, etc.
  • Executive function screening
  • Developmental Language Disorder Screening

Includes Input from parent, child and teachers
Duration: 4-8 hours over 1-2 days

Formal Assessment Timeframes

  • Intake interview – In-person or virtual
  • Assessment – In-person (4-8 hours over 1-2 days
  • Feedback Session & Report – Within 30 days of assessment

Formal Assessment Fees – We do not accept insurance. We accept credit cards or checks

  • Nonrefundable assessment deposit to schedule the Intake Interview
  • Half of the assessment fee is due when the assessment is scheduled
  • Remaining balance is due at the feedback session. Note, reports are not released until payment is cleared

Informal Assessment – Facilitates tutoring placement – Required for our 1:1 Tutoring services

Our informal assessment includes an analysis of all foundational reading skills. This tells us what your child knows and where to start them in our structured literacy scope and sequence based on the Orton-Gillingham approach.

Formal Assessment Outsourcing for Schools

We are your solution for expert psychoeducational evaluations of specific learning disorders and related conditions. Contact us for more information


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Families – You have the report, but now what? We will work with you and your school to make sure your child’s needs are understood and that an IEP or 504 most effectively meets their learning needs. We will help you navigate the special education process so your child gets what they need without wasting valuable time.


For Families

We offer specialized, structured literacy tutoring services, grounded in the Orton-Gillingham approach. Catering to children with reading difficulties or dyslexia, our tutors deliver evidence-based, multisensory instruction through personalized 1-on-1 virtual sessions. Our required informal dyslexia assessment is conducted to ascertain the best tutoring placement for each student, guaranteeing instruction that matches their individual needs. We champion continuous progress monitoring and dynamic adaptation of teaching strategies. Our approach goes beyond short-term academic enhancement, fostering long-term growth, confidence, and lifelong success. Parents engage with our services through a tuition model, ensuring consistent 45-60-minute tutoring sessions at least twice weekly over a 45-week period for comprehensive and sustainable progress.

For Schools

At ACT Dyslexia Solutions, we understand the unique challenges schools face in meeting diverse literacy needs. We serve as an integral part of your educational team, providing specialized support that strengthens your in-school learning. Whether virtually or on-site, our tutoring services cater specifically to students needing structured literacy based on the Orton-Gillingham approach.

Our collaboration with schools extends beyond mere tutoring. We build a partnership grounded in shared goals and open communication. At ACT Dyslexia Solutions, we are more than tutors – we are committed partners in achieving literacy goals. Let us collaborate to address literacy challenges, thereby enhancing your students’ academic success. Contact us today, and together, let’s empower a future generation of confident readers.


  • ACT tutors are meticulous in following the Orton-Gillingham methodology and maintain a structured yet adaptable approach according to my daughter’s needs. Their exceptional work has made a considerable difference in my child’s dyslexic journey, despite its inherent challenges. Hence, I wholeheartedly recommend the ACT Dyslexia Solutions tutoring staff for anyone seeking effective dyslexia or reading support. They offer an excellent blend of expertise and care, fostering both improved reading skills and a renewed love for reading and writing.

    The Toland Family
  • It is critical to obtain an accurate diagnosis of dyslexia and Brenda Peters is an incredibly talented diagnostician! We are so impressed with the comprehensive evaluation and detailed report for our son.  After evaluating our son, Mrs. Peters met with us to carefully explain the results.  It was clearly evident that Mrs. Peters possesses a wealth of knowledge and practical experience which helped us to fully understand and advocate for our son’s educational needs.  Our family is tremendously grateful for her compassion, invaluable insights, recommendations, time, and support! 

    The Blanchard Family
  • As a parent, I know the feeling of helplessness when your child struggles with reading. But when we met Brenda Peters, everything changed. Brenda evaluated our child and provided a diagnosis and undeniable proof of dyslexia to the school, pointing us towards the necessary support. Brenda did more than just help my child - she transformed our entire family's educational journey. Her blend of empathy, expertise, and knowledge is remarkable. For us our journey with Brenda started with a game-changing free 15-minute consultation. I urge you, as a fellow parent, to seize this opportunity. It could be the first step in reshaping your child's future and securing the support your family needs.

    The Conrad Family
  • My son started receiving tutoring using the Orton Gillingham approach in 2020, the summer after his second-grade year, when we felt like we could do more to help him with his reading and writing. At that time, he was struggling with reading and spelling and we had difficulty understanding his writing. My son is now going into 6th grade and still receives one hour of online tutoring twice a week. Tutoring online fits in well with our busy schedule and allows my son to continue to participate in sports and activities with his friends. His teachers tell us that he often relates what he has learned in tutoring to what he is doing in school. We have seen huge improvements in his reading, spelling, and writing and I am often impressed at some of the things I hear him working on during his sessions. We highly recommend this approach!

    The Bemis Family
  • We feel so fortunate to have connected with Brenda Peters.  We needed an updated assessment for our daughter to support her need for continued accommodations going into high school. The process has been both informative and empowering.  From the outset, I appreciated Brenda’s clear communication about what to expect at each stage. She was warm, humorous, and approachable with our daughter on the day of testing.  Finally, I was so impressed with how much we learned during the feedback session about our daughter’s strengths and challenges and how to best support her. Brenda was able to break down complicated information about literacy and executive function skills and apply them to our daughter's unique profile in a way that was more accessible. We are now armed with a comprehensive, data-driven report with a clear diagnosis and concrete recommendations for a more robust 504 plan. I could not recommend Brenda more highly.

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